michigan tech his house

The Team from His House Michigan Tech with Carol and Pedro, who received their new home.

Hey everyone!┬áSeth and I have been very busy the last few weeks. I have been enjoying my new part time job as a nanny, babysitting my sweet little cousins, Cameron and Jude. My cousin Ashley and her husband are living out here in El Paso right now. Josh, Ashley’s husband is in the army and they are stationed here. It is now the “Spring Break” time of year and Seth has been busy building homes for families in Juarez with teams from Holland Heights Christian Church from Michigan and His House from Michigan Tech. This week he is building with another team from Almena Congregational Church from Almena, Kansas.


Holland Heights team building quickly!

I was so glad to be able to build along side my husband, last week, with the group from His House. This was a group of college students who were so fun and worked so hard to complete the home in just 3 short days! Seth and I were able to make new friendships with a few people from that group and we look forward to building with them again next year.

Seth and I, along with my cousin Ashley, ran our first 5K on March 8. It was such a blast. It was a color run, so as we ran, there were stations set up that threw color all over us. I was a little nervous going into the 5K, having not trained for a 3 mile run or worked out at the gym in literally a year. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how we didn’t ever feel pressured to run the whole time. It was all about having fun with your friends and family. There were many people who brought their kids and they all did it together. We had a dance party at the finish line and that was so cool! I definitely want to do another one very soon.

carol and pedros home

Putting the roof on the house!

I celebrated my first birthday ever away from my family and friends on March 9. Seth did such a good job making me feel special. He made me breakfast in bed, we went to church, and then he took me out for lunch and dinner! I had a great birthday. After being back home and in language school, away from El Paso for 7 weeks, it has been a little hard for me to adjust back to being here in ELP though. I’ve really missed my family and friends a lot. It’s hard not being somewhere comfortable 100% of the time. Being just a few minutes away from my parents or Seth’s parents, going to church and knowing everyone there, quick Starbucks runs with my girlfriends, has been something that I don’t have here in ELP right now.

color vibe

Ashley, me, and Seth after the Color Vibe 5K!

I keep reminding myself that all of those things will come in time. We have only been here in El Paso for about 7 months. Once we get involved at church, it will all come. I know this is exactly where God has called us and I rest in that fact. That’s what keeps me going. I love being able to serve along side my husband, making a difference in the lives of the Mexican people. Next week Seth builds in Acuna, Mexico and then he has a couple of weeks before he builds again. We are looking forward to building with some of our favorite people from Living Water Baptist Church in North Carolina.

We hope to be officially closing on our house here in El Paso this Thursday! This has been a long process, but we are so thankful that our Lord provided this home for us. After building homes in Juarez, seeing how long these people wait to receive a home, God has really humbled me and has really taught me about patience. We have been so blessed and I have no right to complain when things don’t happen on my time table.

Thank you all for you love, prayers, and support for our ministry. We couldn’t do this without you!