our first Juarez home

Our first home building together. Home of David, Sara, David Jr. and baby Elizabeth.

Hey everyone! It feels so good to be back on here to tell you about our latest adventures. It has been a crazy 2 weeks. God has been so good and so faithful. For the last 2 weeks, Seth and I have been able to build 2 different families a home in Juarez, Mexico with groups of around 15-20 people. It has been incredible to watch our God work. Through the group’s daily devos, we were reminded of Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain…” It has been an honor being Christ’s hands and feet, serving these families, and showing them the unconditional love of our Great Savior.

baby elizabeth

Beautiful baby Elizabeth

The first family we had the privilege of serving was a small family of 3, David, Sara, and David Jr. Sara was pregnant with her second child, a baby girl and she was due very soon. Sara had the cutest pregnant belly. The group who served alongside of us had 3 people from our home church in Georgia, Chip, Jake, and Justin. Having them there with us was awesome. It was so nice seeing familiar faces and being reminded that our church family back home was thinking about us and praying for us. This house was Seth’s first home actually leading the team by himself. We worked so hard and were able to finish that home in no time! We started on a Monday morning and the home was completed on Wednesday morning around 10:30! ¬†When we got to the site Wednesday morning, Sara was having some pain in her stomach and was afraid something was wrong with the baby. Britt, a lady who used to work for Casas, was on the build with us and knew her way around Juarez and offered to take Sara to a clinic. Thankfully nothing was wrong with the baby.¬†Instead, Sara was going into labor and baby Elizabeth was ready to make her entrance into the world. How incredible is God’s timing? Sara and baby Elizabeth would return to a completed home. The anniversary of the new home and baby Elizabeth’s birthday will forever be the same. It was so amazing to be a part of building that precious little baby girl a home. Just knowing that Sara and baby would have a nice home to come home to just gives me so much joy! Of course, we went back to visit them and see that beautiful baby girl the following week. I look forward to watching that baby girl grow up. This family will always be a part of our lives.

hector yeni

From left to right: Seth, Ipolito (Yeni’s dad), Yeni, Hector, Margarita (Yeni’s mom), Traci

The second family we built for was a young couple, Hector and Yeni. Hector and Yeni had been married for 3 years and were living with Yeni’s parents. They had not yet had their own home. We completed their home very quickly as well. We finished the home on Wednesday and dedicated it that afternoon. Every dedication service always gets to me. It’s a lot of hard work to build a home and you get so tired being out in the sun all day, but when you see the joy on the faces of the ones receiving the home, especially if it’s their first one, it makes all your hard work matter. We got to present the gospel to Hector and Yeni. I don’t know if they were already believers, or if they weren’t, but I could tell that they knew that their home wasn’t a gift from us or the team. It was a gift from The Lord and a representation of His love. A constant reminder that He does provide for your needs. He does love you no matter what. He loves you so much that He gave His life so that if you would believe in Him, you will have an eternal home. I was honored to give Yeni the keys to her new home. I shared with her that we loved them and that’s why we built them their home. But God loves them so much more. I shared that their home is only temporary. Eventually it will no longer stand. But Christ offers an eternal home. A home forever. Yeni was very emotional and she and Hector were both so very thankful. We returned the next morning and filled their home with food and blankets and pillows. Hector was already working on his home. He was going to paint the inside. It was so encouraging to see that they really wanted to make their house a home. They loved it.


Handprints in the doorstep

Honestly, I never saw myself as being a missionary. I never thought I would build families a home. I never thought I would work in Mexico. I never thought I would need Mexico. I never thought I would share the incredible story of Jesus to someone who doesn’t speak my language. I never thought I would live in El Paso, Texas. But I do. I do build homes. I am a missionary to Juarez, Mexico. I DO NEED MEXICO. I need Mexico more than Mexico needs me. I need to share the incredible story of Jesus. And even though building homes isn’t what I necessarily wanted to do with my life, I do it because God told me to go! He told me to go share His love. And what an amazing blessing God has already given me. The opportunity to see a baby born the day her home was completed. To know that she will grow up in a NICE home. A home that will keep her warm this winter. And cool in the summer. And what a blessing to be able to give a couple the keys to their FIRST home. Seth and I don’t do this to get credit, to be praised for all of our hard work, we do this because it’s what we were called to do. We NEED to share about our Savior. And we will do so until there is nothing left.

house 2

Hector and Yeni’s first home