creepy cemetery church

The Creepy Cemetery Church

Hi! I hope you all are doing wonderful. Seth and I have now completed our second week of language school. I think we both are feeling a lot more confident with our Spanish and it’s coming along very well. We have a had another busy week of studying and exploring. On Monday, we went to see a cemetery and an old church. First of all, the church was creepy. The outside of the church had incredible architecture, but the inside was dark and gloomy. I was telling my Spanish teacher about our afternoon and she told me that the morgue was right behind that church. So, I guess that explains why it smelled like embalming fluid.

cementery house

One of the mausoleums

The cemetery was interesting. The way they buried people in this cemetery was very interesting as well. They build mausoleums. Some of the mausoleums had doors with a small area inside, where I guess family members could come and pray. Antigua is a very Catholic city and I’m learning more and more about Catholicism as we explore. Honestly, I don’t understand Catholicism, so I keep asking my husband questions about everything. Thankfully, since his degree is in theology, he knows a little about it. Enough to answer all my questions anyway.

After exploring the creepy cemetery and church, we went to see another ruin from the earthquake a few hundred years ago. It was another old catholic cathedral with a convent connected to it. It was called “La Recoleccion.” I enjoyed walking through “La Recoleccion.” It was absolutely incredible. This place proves how much damage can happen during an earthquake. Seth and I are pretty sure there has to be some people buried below the rubble. As we walked through, we could see the tops of walkways and passageways, so the rubble is piled at least 2 stories high.

la recoleccion

La Recoleccion

On our school excursions this week, we went to a Macadamia Nut Plantation, a Guatemalteca Museum and over to the first cathedral that was ever built in Antigua. This past week and next week, our friend Tyler, who also works for Casas por Cristo, is taking Spanish class with us and staying with our host family. Tyler lives here in Guatemala and works as the team coordinator for San Raimundo mission trips. He took us to see the beautiful view up at the “Cerro de la Cruz.” You can see the whole city of Antigua from there. And it’s an amazing view of the Volcan Agua (Water Volcano). The volcano is literally the length of the whole city. You can’t really tell until you see it from that view. All I could say when were up there was how I don’t understand how people can literally see God’s incredible handiwork and not believe in a higher power. I don’t know how people can think mountains or volcanoes are beautiful and not believe in the One who made them.

seth la rec

Seth in some of the ruins of La Recoleccion

Well it’s been another good week. We are halfway through with language school. Please continue to pray for us. Today, Seth hasn’t been feeling too well. He’s got what I hope is just going to be a 24 hour stomach bug. We need to stay healthy! I know that our sicknesses have just been something for the enemy to bring us down, but we know that our God is bigger and He has great plans for us. As long as Seth is feeling better by tomorrow, we are going zip lining! Our friends tell us we HAVE to do it while we are here. I’ve never done zip lining before, but I’m ready for the thrill! A big thanks to you all for your prayers and support for us on this adventure!