First of all, I understand that not many of you will even read my thoughts. Maybe you’ll start reading and decide halfway through that you don’t agree with me and you don’t want to read the rest. Or maybe you will read it all the way through. Either way, I don’t really mind what you do. I just have to get some things off of my chest because I have a very heavy heart.

With that said, I don’t pay attention or watch the news or keep up with it really at all. I know I should because there are many things happening in our Nation that I need to be aware of. It does, however, sadden me that there are so many things contrary to what God’s Word says that we are allowing here in our United States. Seth and I want to have many more children & I hate knowing that they will grow up in such a twisted world.

Marriage is between a MAN & a WOMAN. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That is what God’s Word says. It’s plain as day. I’m not going to sit here and argue with anyone about that. Check out Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:25-33, 1 Corinthians 7:1-40 and many more! Sin is sin. We all are sinners, but thank God there’s GRACE. I’m not trying to bash same sex couples. I’m simply sharing with you that they are never too far from God’s grace. Let me share with you a little story. I will preface that this is not word for word from the Bible. It is simply Traci condensing the bigger, better story into about 3 minutes of your time.

In the beginning, there was GOD. God created everything: day & night, land, sea, plants, animals, heavens and the earth. Then he created man (in His image), Adam. He saw that Adam needed a helpmate, so he created woman, Eve. Both Adam and Eve fell into temptation and sinned. ||Because of that sin, we, today, in the year 2015, all are born into sin. That’s why there is chaos in this world.|| Because of the SIN that came into the world we are separated from God. (<–He does not sin.) The only way we could ever come back to God, is through the perfect, spotless lamb of Jesus. ||This is where GRACE comes in.|| God through His infinite Grace, sent His son Jesus, who was fully God & fully human, (you don’t have to understand it to believe it) to pay the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be reunited with our Creator one day. Jesus died on the cross because He loves us. He paid the painful, horrible, price, for me and for you, so the we don’t have to experience hell. It’s a real place guys. If we accept the Truth of Jesus into our hearts we can live in heaven with God when we die.

You see, from the very beginning, it started with God, a man & a woman. Marriage is incredible. God intended for marriage to be incredible. He intended for us to experience intimacy with our spouse. And let’s just face it, intimacy happens between a man and a woman. And with Christ as the center of your marriage, you can experience true, intimacy and love with Christ.

Our Nation was founded on Christian morals. Our money says “In God We Trust.” We have the freedom to worship and gather with other Christian believers. Why aren’t we as Christians rising up? Why aren’t we putting our foot down to this “change” that’s happening right before our very eyes. Wake up people. This nonsense is not okay!! We as Christians are called to love God and love people. But we are called to hate sin. To unapologetically hate the sin. Period. Enough with “praying” for our country. Let’s put some action behind our prayers and get moving. I’m preaching to myself too. Please go out and vote this fall for a president with Godly character and morals to lead our country back to Jesus. Otherwise, I’m afraid to say that our country will never be the same. We won’t even recognize it.

Friends, again, I simply share with you that you are never too far from God’s amazing grace. If you know someone who is dealing with homosexuality, or if you yourself are dealing with it, I’m telling you the truth, it’s not what God intended for you. He loves you, but He doesn’t love your sin. Come to Christ as you are…just don’t stay that way. There’s a better plan. I promise.