Well. 6 months with TWO babies have gone by so fast. I’ve learned that I can’t always be super mom. There are a lot of days that go by when my house looks like a hurricane just blew through, but at least everyone is alive right? 

My babies absolutely adore each other. When Seth and I found out we were pregnant for the second time, we began praying and continued to pray daily that they would be best friends. Haddon is only 6 months old, but he laughs more at Scarlett than at anyone else. When he’s crying or fussy, set him in front of his big sissy, and he immediately starts smiling. My two little ones already have such a sweet bond and I can’t wait to watch that grow and flourish. 

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies though. Being away from our families is hard sometimes. Especially lately. Seth just finished the busy Spring Break season with our Casas ministry. He built 3 weeks in a row. Had a couple weeks of being in the office and then a week out building again. Scarlett is talking so well now and every time her Daddy was away, she missed him so much. She wanted him so badly. Every time we would leave the house, she would say “I go see Daddy in Messico.” We were so blessed to be able to go visit Seth some while he was gone and FaceTime him mostly every night. As I laid her down one night for bed, she said “I wanna build a house like Daddy.” It made me so happy to hear her sweet heart and knowing what a great example Seth is setting for our little ones. We pray our kiddos will grow up with such a love for the people of Mexico and that they know the things we have just across the border isn’t the norm for everyone. 

Haddon was an incredible sleeper. From about 4 weeks old to 4 months, he slept 12-13 hour stretches at night, without waking up to eat & I was on top of the moon excited that I had such a sweet, angel baby. He still is my angel baby, but he fights sleep like you wouldn’t believe lately. For the last two months, he wakes up every 2 or 3 hours during the night and fights naps during the day. Feels like I’ve tried everything to get him to sleep: gas drops, walking around, bouncing, nursing all night long, co-sleeping, crying it out… you name it, we’ve probabaly tried it, but I’m willing to hear more advice & try other things. Nothing seems to work, so we just make do and keep on trucking. I’m tired some days and other days I’m just fine. I think the Lord must be teaching me patience and dependence on Him. 

Like I said at the very beginning, I realized I can’t be super mom. I’ve always been one to keep things clean and tidy & lately I can’t keep up. The house is just gonna have to be dirty. Laundry will have to just stay in baskets (at least it’s clean) and I have to ask for help. My husband is really so helpful. He’s been doing the dishes and straightening up the house when he can for me and asking if there’s anything he can do to help with our sleepless baby. I’m very grateful. I’m finding out that the days are long, but the months and years are going by so fast, so I can’t let precious time with my little ones slip away by fretting over the little things. So for now, I may look exhausted & sleep deprived & stressed out, but I’m gonna take a deep breath & enjoy cuddles with my babies even though I haven’t showered yet today. 

One of my New Years resolutions was to go on weekly or monthly dates with my husband. We’ve been able to do this and it’s been so refreshing. Thank you Manda!! First of all, let me say, it is such an incredible blessing to have someone to leave your babies with knowing they will be well taken care of and knowing how much they love spending time with our friend Amanda. Having you back in ELP is so wonderful. We love you girl and are so thankful for you. Thanks for loving our babies so well. 

Being able to date my husband during this season of our lives has been so sweet. Going off alone, with no distractions, has reminded us why we even fell in love in the first place. Being able to talk, dream about our future and encourage one another over dinner or coffee or even at a movie has proved to be one of the best things for our marriage. Y’all. If you aren’t dating your spouse, make it a priority to start. You won’t regret it. 

I’m still working at our church. Y’all, we love our church so much. Our church has become our family here in ELP. It is really such an honor being able to serve there. I have the privilege of leading worship this Sunday. I’m so grateful for the opportunities to do this. Pray for me & the team as we lead people to the cross this week. Pray for Seth as he is now the Juarez Field Director and oversees operations all over this location. I’m so proud of him and all of his hard work all across the board- in our family, in Mexico, & for the Kingdom. 

Thanks to each of you for your constant love, prayers, and support for our little family. We are truly blessed with so many friends who care about us & love us so much.