Both babies are napping. Quick! Let’s write while I have the chance.

haddonWell, it’s been a minute since I’ve written on our blog. A lot has happened since the last post. Three weeks ago, I was at the hospital being induced. On October 13th we welcomed our sweet little baby BOY into this world. Robert Haddon Brooks weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 21 inches long. At his 2 week check up he had gained a good bit… he’s up to 9lbs 13oz!! I must have that good mama milk! Or he just eats a lot. Either way, he’s getting big! Today makes 3 weeks of this little love bug’s life. We are so in love with him and he makes our family feel a little more complete. His sister adores him and is such a good little helper. I just know they will be best friends.

So let’s talk about life with two babies under two years old…

me-and-hadsIn these last 3 weeks I have learned that diaper changing a little boy sometimes can be very interesting. Haddon has already peed on the couch, on the wall, and in his face. Yes, his mouth was wide open. And speaking of changing diapers, my 20 month old isn’t potty trained just yet…(I did bribe her with a cookie today and she pooped in the potty! Score!) So I have 2 babes in diapers and more often than not, I’m changing them around the same time.

My house is a mess and I have clothes piled high in baskets. Thankfully we have good friends bringing us dinner every other night right now so we don’t starve. Praise Him.

Showering before noon is a win for this mama. It’s almost 2pm here now and I have yet to shower. Yeah I probably smell & fixing my hair and make-up is a joke. Leggings and t-shirts are what I wear most days.

I usually have to heat up my coffee 3 times before I finish one cup. And most of the time, I just don’t finish it at all.

I’ve encountered a few “Mama fails” already. One being that my toddler gave the infant popcorn. That is a good idea isn’t it? How does this happen? I only looked away for 3 seconds. He’s still alive, so that’s another win!seth

We tried family pictures the other day. Both babes were not having it. So who knows how the pics turned out. Surely theres a couple good ones in there. Please Lord.

Some days I feel like I’ve failed at being a good mama and some days I feel like I’m the best. Some days I cry because I get overwhelmed and some days I cry because I am so happy that my 2 littles love and need me so much.

I sure do LOVE my babes. I am so grateful The Lord allowed me to be their Mama. I can’t wait to see how they grow to love each other too. I’m not gonna lie, I wondered how I would be able to share my love between two babies. I’ve learned that I actually don’t have to share it at all. My love just grew infinitely and continues to grow every day.

Seth sent me and Scarlett on a little date a couple weeks ago and we had so much fun going to Chick-fil-A. I’ve had some one-on-one time with Haddon too and was able to get rested up. It’s funny how I’ll spend time with each one and miss the other like crazy!

Scarlett loves Haddon so much. She’s learning to be gentle. When he cries, she runs to him and shoves a paci in his face, bounces and says “shh.” She tries to rock him, give him a blanket or her giraffe. That is TRUE LOVE people. Giraffey doesn’t go to just anyone. She wants to hold him all the time. And by holding, that usually means when he’s in her lap, her arms go limp and she barely even touches him. She just likes him close by. Scarlett said “I love you” for the first time last week. It was too her little brother. My heart melted. love

In the evenings, I still rock my biggest baby to sleep while Seth holds his littlest baby. I try singing to her and I have to pause and yawn a million times through the song. It’s tired around here. Sometimes I fall asleep in there with her. I think one day, maybe when my children are grown, I’ll sleep again. Until then I’ll just be the Mama who proudly wears bags under my eyes. Thank goodness for make-up when I need it!

I’m learning to balance my time for everything: Jesus, Wife, Mama, ministry. It’s all a work in progress. I’m so thankful for a husband who gladly wants to serve me and help out with whatever he can. Whether that be watching both babes so I can have 5 minutes to myself. Even if that means those 5 minutes are in the bathroom…alone. Or helping around the house, fixing dinner, middle of the night diaper changes, bottle feedings, bath time, etc. He’s a jewel. He works so hard and still comes home and works even harder. I love him. A lot. All three of us are so lucky to have him.

It’s a mad house here most days as we become a family of 4, but you know what? I wouldn’t trade a single thing. It’s a good life. It really is.