Scarlett’s smash cake picture.

Oh my goodness. It’s been so long since I wrote a blog. I’ve been meaning to sit down and do it and I just haven’t found the time! So much has happened since my last post (June 2015). After family vacations, a job offer, teething, Scarlett’s first Christmas, Scarlett started walking, Scarlett’s first birthday, and a sweet surprise I will share very soon, we are still doing great! The Brooks’ are loving every second with our precious girl. She turned {O N E} on February 12. We were able to go to Georgia for 10 days to celebrate her birthday with family. It was so sweet.

In August, I started working part-time at our church here in El Paso as the vocal director for our music ministry. I love it. I’m so thankful The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to use my degree and do what I love, singing and leading others in worship. It keeps me busy, but I love that Scarlett and I still have the opportunity to go visit Seth in Mexico when he’s building. It truly is the best of both worlds.

This month and next month are going to be very busy for all of the Casas por Cristo staff! Spring Break starts next week! Just this month, Casas will be building 67 homes and having the opportunity to share the gospel! It is so exciting! Seth will be building in Juarez every week this month. Please pray for the families that will be given the homes, the teams that will be coming to build, for Seth as he leads, and for Scarlett and I as Seth is gone. We will be visiting him as often as we can & I will try my best to keep everyone posted on how things are going.


Just being cute.

Our little girl is turning into a toddler right before our eyes. She’s walking all over the place and getting into everything. I let her explore everywhere in the house and find her pretty frequently playing in the toilet, digging through cabinets, or eating the dog’s food. She likes to take books off the shelf, clothes out of the hamper, & toys out of the toy box, but we haven’t mastered cleaning things back up just yet. I assume that until she goes off to college, I’ll never have a clean house again. So, if you come to visit, don’t expect too much-we live here!¬†We are also trying to figure out her little quirks, moods, and new attitudes & hoping to teach and discipline with God’s grace. Pray for us as we enter this new stage of parenting!



As always, thank you to every one of you who support our ministry. We love you!