Hey folks!

Christmas tree 2013

Our Christmas Tree

It’s finally beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in El Paso. In my opinion, the weather here is bipolar. ¬†After a few days of warm weather and wearing shorts and tank tops in DECEMBER, it’s now 53 degrees. I’m sitting here on the couch writing, drinking coffee, and staring at our beautiful Christmas tree. We didn’t think we would be able to have a Christmas tree this year with moving out of the apartment into our house and all of our traveling, but we couldn’t handle not having a tree for one more second. Last Christmas we had a real tree and we wanted to continue that tradition, but we needed some “Christmas Magic” in our little apartment and we gave in and went to Target and bought a 6.5 ft pre lit tree.

Seth and I have wrapped our gifts for each other and we have them under the tree. I can’t wait to open them on Christmas day. As much as we hate not being able to go back to Georgia for Christmas day, I am glad Seth and I get to spend the day together here. We are getting very close on closing on our house and we really hope to move in next weekend. Then we are heading to Georgia to see family and have late Christmases with them.

It is also officially official- we are going to language school in Guatemala the whole month of January and then the first week in February, Seth is getting trained on how to build the Guatemala house. So, with that being said, we will be back in El Paso around Valentine’s Day. We have so much going on the first couple months of 2014 and I sit here in awe of what God is doing for us.

As I look back on the events of this year, I really do sit here in awe of our Jesus. You know, it’s crazy how sometimes you think you have your whole life planned out, and then The Lord just rocks your world and changes your direction. I’m so thankful for His much needed guidance that brought Seth and I where we are today. Serving the people of Mexico wasn’t part of our “plan.” But what a blessing to be used by our Jesus. And what a peace it truly is to know this is exactly where we are supposed to be!

On Monday, Seth and I are going into Juarez to visit some families we have built a home for. Winds of Peace Fellowship in Dawsonville, GA has donated lots of scarves and hats and we are going to give those out as a Christmas gift to them. Even though we have had some warm weather lately, it does get chilly here in El Paso and in Juarez. Pray for us as we go out that through our broken Spanish, Christ would be glorified and that we all will be reminded what this season is really about. About a baby born to save the world!

Christmas Picture 2013

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Seth and I really want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts who have supported us by praying for us diligently and supporting us financially. We truly could not do what God has called us to do without your help. Our God is so faithful to provide. We are so thankful for people like you who lovingly give. Thank you so much. You all have been such a blessing to us. We wish you and yours a very joyful holiday season. Merry Christmas to you from The Brooks’!