For the next 2 weeks Seth and I get to serve together in Juarez, Mexico building homes for families who are desperate need of a home. I can not express to you how excited I am to get to serve The Lord alongside my best friend. This week Seth has been in Acuna, Mexico building a home for a family and I have been here in El Paso by myself again. I am so thankful for new friends that The Lord has already placed in my life, because this week has not been as hard as the last time I was here alone. I have been able to keep myself pretty busy and have had something to do each night that my hubby has been away.

Krispy Kreme

National Day of Coffee at Krispy Kreme

Sunday I had an unexpected long visit with Gail. She is apprenticing with Casas just like Seth, and in December she will go on staff. The plan originally was to just take the GIANT F250 back to the office for her, so she would have a car for the week. (Her roommate, Alex, who is interning this fall went to Acuna with Seth and Jason this week and left the big truck here at our apartment.) So, I took Gail the truck and we decided to go celebrate National Day of Coffee together at Krispy Kreme. The “hot” light was on, so of course we had to get half a dozen donuts each to take home as well. We had an awesome talk and got to know each other pretty well. Monday I went to Hobby Lobby and Target and got supplies to make fall wreaths. Tuesday I invited some of the Casas ladies to come over to my apartment for a “Pinterest Party” and we made the fall wreaths and I cooked potato soup for dinner.

Pinterest Party

The wreaths from the Pinterest Party (Mine is the one with the “B’)

Wednesday (last night) Jason’s wife, (Jason is training Seth in Acuna this week) invited me to Chic-fil-A for dinner. It was good getting to know her and Abby. They are both Georgia girls! Yay! Abby is Pete’s wife. Pete works for Casas as the director of operations. They each have a LOT of kids. It was so fun playing with the kiddos and getting to know everyone. Tonight I may go to the movies with some of the girls. We’ll see. I want to see Unstoppable-the Kirk Cameron movie where he goes on a journey to investigate the moral origins of good and evil. It looks pretty neat and I’ve heard it’s good.

AND tomorrow my sweet hubby comes home!┬áHave I told you guys how PROUD I am of him? He is just such a blessing to me. He has the BIGGEST heart. I LOVE his passion for others to come to know our Jesus! That is why I can’t wait to serve with him these next 2 weeks. I just want to jump out my skin-that’s how rediculously happy and excited I am. If YOU want to see me this excited come BUILD with us!! We would love to have you on our team.

Wreath For Sale

This wreath (made by me) is for sale on eBay to help us raise money for our ministry! Click this picture to bid.