3D image of Scarlett at 19 week ultrasound.

Well everyone, if you didn’t already know, Seth and I are happy to announce that we are having a little GIRL! Scarlett Faith Brooks is expected to arrive on February 8, 2015. We are thrilled!

For 19 weeks, I was sure we were having a boy. But, I will say that now that we know Scarlett is a girl, we could not be more excited. Thank you all so much for voting! It was interesting to see what everyone thought we were having as well. I am still feeling great and I have really had an easy pregnancy thus far. I’m 21 weeks along right now. Last week, Scarlett had her anatomy scan and she weighed 14 oz. I’m sure now, she is a pound if not a little more. Her heartbeat was at 152bpm. She is already so loved by her Mommy and Daddy and we can’t wait to meet our little princess.


Images of baby girl at the anatomy scan at 20 weeks!

Seth and I started registering for her on Sunday and we still have a lot of things to finish around the house to get ready for her arrival. When I think about it, February seems like we still have plenty of time to take care of things. But if I look at it in weeks, we have about 19 weeks left until she makes her appearance. 21 weeks flew by, so I’m starting to freak out a little bit. We still have to paint her nursery and get it all set up! I know it’s all gonna work out fine though!

Seth is so sweet. Scarlett already has him wrapped around her tiny fingers. He talks to my tummy everyday and he finally got to feel her kicks the other night. It was a really special moment for him. I am so thankful for my amazing husband and for everything he’s already done for me and for our family during this pregnancy!

Please continue to pray for little Scarlett that she will continue to grow and be healthy. Pray that she will grow to love God with all her heart and pray for Seth and I as we approach parenthood! Thanks!