Gregoria, Antonio and their children

Gregoria, Antonio and their children

Last week I went on my first build as a part of the Casas por Cristo staff. I will never forget this build. There is so much more to leading a build than just knowing how many 2×4’s to cut and how to keep things level. I loved every minute of it! Since the most important thing about the build is the family that we build for. That’s where I’ll start.

This is an amazing family. There is a mother and father;  their three children; and the grandfather. The mother, Gregoria, obviously runs the household and is a gracious and loving woman. She has moved her father in with her so that she can better care for him as he is now 105 years old. Gregoria and her family are not believers, but are now involved in a church that is just down the road from their house. The family runs a small store that is in front of their home and it is the family’s main source of income. The household of five lives on less than $50 a week. While they have little they were very generous, they even fed our team of 17 lunch on two different occasions. Praise God that throughout this week they have had the Gospel presented to them both in word and deed.

This week had so many obstacles, however God is faithful and all that needed to be accomplished was accomplished. Juarez, a typically very dry place, this week was anything but dry. It rained every day we were building. We were able to poor the slab and get it covered just before it began to pour. On day two we were able to stand the walls and put the roof on. Once the roof was on, the inside of the house clicked along. But in order to finish the house we had to tarp the entire thing so we could apply the stucco.  The rain came and created a lake around the house and we had to put pallets all around in order to be able to stay out of the 3-4 inches of water.

Even in the rain we were able to get the house up. Throughout all of this I was constantly reminded that while the rain was annoying as we tried to build the house, it means that this precious family will have a dry place to go. They will have a roof to protect them from the rain, from the glaring sun of summer and from the cold winter nights. How amazing that God used this group from Chapin UMC to provide the family with shelter and an opportunity to know God.


Chapin 9

The house tarped

chapin 2

Standing Walls

chapin 6

The Completed Home

chapin 1

Preparing for concrete