Hello Friends!

Seth and I have been so busy the last two months. We both had our parents come out for a visit and we’ve been building, finding out exciting news, and finding out news that hurts our hearts. Let’s talk about the exciting stuff first.

in laws

Seth, Me, Page & Mark at the Aerial Tramway Overlook.

So, Seth’s mom and dad came to El Paso May 15-20. We did a lot of lounging around the house, relaxing and enjoying their company. Our A/C in our new house was not working when they came and it was just beginning to get really hot out here. Thankfully Mark brought some of his tools and he and Seth went to work up on the roof fixing the A/C. For those of you who don’t know, Mark has a heating and air business back in Clarkesville, GA. Shout out to Brooks Brothers!! If you are around the Clarkesville, GA area and you need any heating, plumbing or electrical work done, Brooks Brothers are who you need to call. 🙂

fusion umc build

The family who Fusion UMC built for.

Anyway, we took Mark and Page to the famous “Cattleman’s Steakhouse” and took them over to Mexico to show them what Seth and I do in Juarez. We got to stop in and visit Ivan’s very sweet family that we built for just a few weeks before and got to see how they fixed up their new home and were already making it their own. I also got to see my cute little friend Zoe. I am so glad she remembered me. You never know with little kids how they will react to you. But she jumped up in my arms and gave me the biggest hug.

The following week, Seth built with a group from Fusion United Methodist Church. They were from Mitchell, South Dakota. I stayed home and made sure the house was clean and everything was taken care of, because right when Seth got home from building we went to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate our 2 years of marriage. Can you believe how fast time flies?? Seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to walk down the aisle to make the commitment to love and cherish this man for the rest of my life. What an exciting marriage we have too. We have been so blessed. So, we spent the weekend there in San Antonio. We got to ride the boat down Riverwalk and learn about the history. We saw the Alamo and ate some really good food!

me and alicia

Me and Alicia.

When we got home, one of my best friends, Alicia came down for a visit! We took her over into Juarez as well and she got to see the homes we’ve built! She went to our church too and she got to hear me sing there for the first time. We also had a friend from college, Matt Wills, who has been here starting up a brand new Chickfila over on the west side of ELP, so we all went out to dinner and had a good time hanging out. And then just a few days later, my parents and brother came out!

wopf build

The team from Winds of Peace and the family we built for.

They came for a few days before the rest of the church group came out and then we went building for a family over in Mexico. It was sooooo nice to see a lot of my family out there building with us. My parents, brother, Papa, my 3 cousins, Brittney, Kellie, and Dana and my brother’s best friend Gavin and his dad Mike came along as well. So counting Seth and I, there were 11 people building from Winds of Peace Fellowship. That was a tough build. It was a small group, so we all worked long, hard days. I think everyone really enjoyed the trip though and I hope that more people will be interested in coming next time. My parents stayed for a week after that and we all went out west and got to see the Grand Canyon & Carlsbad Caverns. All I can say is if you’ve never gone to see those two incredible sights, you need to!

todd and diane

Todd and his sweet wife, Diane.

Now for the news that hurts our hearts….my great uncle Todd has been diagnosed with cancer. A cancer that is extremely rare. Less than 100 people have this in the U.S. It started in the small bowel. It’s causing swelling in his stomach that has to be drained ever so often. He’s been on dialysis because his kidneys weren’t functioning properly, but thanks to our Jesus for hearing our prayers because his kidneys have started functioning again and he had the dialysis port taken out! They started chemo and he had his second round this past Friday, I believe. It’s hard for me because I am not there to really know all the details and I hope that I am telling all this correctly. If I’m not, Diane, please correct me and I will fix it! But anyway, my heart hurts for Todd and his wife Diane. They recently got married and then just a few short months later, he was diagnosed with this.

I didn’t get to really know Diane very well before we moved out to El Paso, but from what I hear from family, she is an incredible woman. Her faith is amazing. She has been staying at the hospital with Todd day in and day out through all of this. She sends us updates on him daily and after each update she always puts “God is in control.” We know God is in control of this and every situation. We don’t know why they are having to go through this right now. But, we know that our God has a perfect plan. I want to ask each of you who read this, to please pray for my uncle and his family. Pray for peace and strength. Thank you!!


Baby Brooks expected to arrive February 2015!

Now for the really exciting news because I want to end on an good note…..Seth and I are expecting our first baby in February 2015!!! It was kind of unexpected, but we are sooo very excited and so thankful for this precious little miracle. I had my first doctor’s appointment on June 25 and it didn’t really feel real until we heard that little heartbeat. I just laid there and watched Seth’s face. He was just smiling so big and holding back tears of joy. It was the sweetest thing. Thankfully, up to this point, I haven’t been sick at all. I just feel a little nauseous here and there. I’m hungry all the time and I go to the bathroom about a million times a day. (Sorry, TMI.) I am 9 weeks and 1 day along today. I know it’s still early and some people may think we are crazy to share our exciting news so soon, but if anyone knows me, you know I can’t keep a secret, and we want to ask you to pray for our little peanut. Pray that our baby will continue to grow and be healthy and pray for Seth and I that we will be the best parents we could be to this little one.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and financial support for Seth and I. Thank you for allowing us to do what God has called us to do out here on the border!