Maybe it’s just me but sometimes when I am faced with a huge task or multiple tasks I think, “There is so much to do, I should probably just take a nap.”

Getting instructions from  Allen

Getting instructions from

This was my feeling exactly over the last few weeks on multiple levels. The last several weeks have been busy as life progresses onward. Traci and I are still trying to make the new house our home and there always seems to be a growing list of things that need attention. On top of that, we have been blessed with a baby on the way that seems to have added to the list of tasks that need to be accomplished in the next 9 months. Then there was the 3 weeks of back to back building in Mexico that got thrown in on the heap! Yeah, I think a nap sounds good.

These three builds were each unique and I was able to see God work in amazing ways through the different teams and the different families. There was a common thread through these three builds that was encouraging. All three families that received a home were strong believers. Each family was involved in their local church and many of the family members were active in leadership roles in their churches. God used these homes to encourage and to strengthen each of the families, and to show them that God takes care of His children. It was so good to be able to rejoice with brothers and sisters in Christ and to hear their plans as to how they would use their homes to reach the community around them.

The last of the three builds was in one of the poorest areas that we work in. This is an area of flat dessert with row after row of sad and broken”homes” filled with sad and broken people.

Alfredo and Leticia's old home.

Alfredo and Leticia’s old home.

The thoughts that made my heart rejoice were; one, that they have a growing relationship with Christ, and two, that as they begin their family, their children will never know homelessness. I can’t imagine knowing that my kids would never have to face the harsh reality of not having adequate housing, if that was all that I had known for my life.

What a comfort that must be for them to be able to know that their children will one day grow up in this little home that will shelter them. Praise God that these future generations will have shelter in both a home and a shelter to run to in their God.