Laying the concrete foundation for the 1st home of the week!

Laying the concrete foundation for the 1st home of the week!

Hey friends! It’s been a little over a month since I posted last, so I wanted to let you all know how things are going out here on the border. Seth and I have been busy trying to get our house ready for the arrival of Miss Scarlett, which might I say is only 12 weeks away. I am still feeling great, but have been a little under the weather. Over the last month, I have had 2 bad colds that take forever to go away. Since I haven’t been able to take any strong medicines, I have just been taking some cough syrup and cough drops and pretty much just waiting things out.

I had my 28 week check up today and Scarlett is doing well with a heartbeat of 159bpm. My doctor did talk to me though about her concern that my blood pressure has been pretty high the past few visits. We scheduled an ultrasound for this Friday at 10:30 to check that Scarlett is growing well and to check the amniotic fluid. Dr. Lyn told me to watch for symptoms for preeclampsia because right now I have gestational hypertension. Last week I had my glucose test and it came back great and there’s no protein in my urine, so that’s a good sign. As I said, I have been feeling great though, so I’m not worried about anything and I believe Scarlett is just fine!

Ready for to pour the concrete on the 2nd home!

Ready for to pour the concrete on the 2nd home!

Seth and I built a couple weeks ago, November 3-6, in Juarez with a large team mixed of people from Young Harris College Alumni, The Church Without Walls in Suches, GA, Living Water Baptist Church from North Carolina, and a church from Florida. Including Seth and I, there were almost 30 of us. God had some great plans for this group that none of us knew about until we got to the job site on Monday morning. We had originally planned on building one home for a family that is very dear to us, but while we were there we saw a family in huge need of a home. Lorena and Javier, who were the grandparents of the family we were originally building for, received a Casas home many years ago. But had recently been told by the Juarez government that their home was unsafe to live in. The home was in a flood zone and was already damaged. The roof was caving in and needed to be replaced.

The government had given them land across the street, right beside Sayra & Nico’s home we were building. But unfortunately, the home that was on that land was a shack made from scraps of wood and cardboard. It has started to get cold here in El Paso and Juarez, so that home was not keeping Lorena and Javier warm, even though they were sleeping there every night. Our team got together, prayed about the situation, called friends and family, and enough money was raised quickly to build them a new home too!

lorenas home

The home that Lorena & Javier were living in and their new home in the background.

We were unsure of why God put so many people together on this team, but He sure knew why! A team of 30 planning to build one home turned into a huge blessing & we had plenty of people to help build the second home. We hoped to be a blessing to these two families, but boy were they a huge blessing to all of us. They fed us gorditas, churros, and tamales and were such a joy to be around that week. Thankfully, two more families in Juarez will be able to stay warm this winter and see God’s provision and love for them. Seth is building again this week with a church from Juarez. They are building for one of their church members. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now, if y’all are still with me and I haven’t bored you with this long post, I have some more news to share. As you all know, Seth and I rely financially on supporters who partner with us in ministry. Seth’s salary is almost completely raised. We want to thank all of you who have supported us and continue to support us as we continue to do what God has called us to do out here on the border. However, we have had a decline in our support that has left us with a deficit of $1,100/month. With our baby girl on the way, comes a greater need. Putting our pride aside, we ask that you would prayerfully consider supporting us with a one time donation OR partnering monthly with us. Any gift is a huge blessing and we are so thankful. We cannot imagine doing this without friends and family who believe in us & this ministry.

If you would like to partner with us, click the Casas por Cristo image on the right side of this blog post. Under Program Area Select the dropdown that says “5473 Support: Seth Brooks”.

Thank you all for you love, prayers and financial support! May God bless you all. 🙂