Truett-McConnell College Campus

Truett-McConnell College Campus

Well before we get too ahead of ourselves, let me tell you our story! Seth and I met in college at Truett-McConnell College, a small Baptist College in the very small town of Cleveland, Georgia. We met in 2009, after we both got out of pretty long relationships with other people. I (Traci) was very reserved and not exactly ready for another guy to try to sweep me off my feet. I had been hurt too much before and was really tired of the male population.

I had made a commitment to myself and to The Lord, that I would focus on Him, myself and school for the next year. About a week later, after I had decided I was done with guys for a while, a very handsome, smooth-talking man, asked me when I was gonna let him take me on a date… That was Seth. I wouldn’t let him take me on a date until January 1, 2010. A year later. I couldn’t believe he waited for me. Waited for me to become the woman of God that I was supposed to be. Waited for me to be ready to try dating again. But I will say this, he sure did wait. And man, was I thankful.

Our first date was hilarious. It did not go as Seth had originally planned, but we had a blast anyway. We went out for pizza and then drove to the top of a mountain and had hot chocolate. Then came back to his parent’s house and watched a movie.

Seth has been the man that I always needed and always wanted. His passion and love for Christ is unbelievable. He is such a gentleman and has always treated me as if I was so special. You know, now that I think about it, I think that’s how Christ would have wanted him to treat me. Because I am special. I am a child of the King.

Seth asks Traci to marry.

The Proposal

Well a year later Seth asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! How could I not say yes…. It did take me a minute to realize what he was doing. We had some photographers come to take pictures of us that day. I thought it was just for fun. I didn’t realize Seth had them come for the proposal! Seth tried to be all sweet and say this long speech he had planned but I wanted to take pictures so I kept telling him to “shut up.” I wouldn’t even look at him. I kept looking at the photographer smiling like a crazy person. When I finally turned my head to look at him, down on one knee with a BEAUTIFUL ring, I was like “Oh my word.”¬†After I made sure he had asked my daddy for permission and that he was sure he wanted to marry me, I said yes! We got married on June 2, 2012. We had the most beautiful ceremony. (of course I am biased)

Married June 2, 2012

Our wedding day – 6.2.12

Ok, so fast forward a year and 3 months and we are in the city of El Paso, Texas where God has called us to serve with an organization called Casas por Cristo. We had planned on going to seminary in Texas, but never thought that God would rock our worlds and call us here. Casas por Cristo is an organization that builds homes for people in need in Juarez and Acuna, Mexico and San Raimundo, Guatemala.  Seth and I went on a trip to build a home for a family back in April and it really changed our lives, our hearts, and our direction.

We have no doubt that God brought us here to change the lives of the people in Juarez and Acuna. Through a home, we are able to give a tangible gift of God’s love to people in great need and share with them the story of something greater- Jesus Christ. It truly humbles me. That God would choose me, someone who once was broken and in need of a Savior, who still feels so unworthy and unfit for this calling to share my story of coming to know the One who is so much greater than my problems.

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Seth is on staff with Casas. He is able to do his dream job of sharing Christ and doing construction. He is so good at it too! I love his passion for Jesus and for others. He is such a great example for me. I am so glad that The Lord brought us together to do this ministry together. Without Seth by my side and his great leadership, I couldn’t do this. We trust that this is exactly where God wants us and that He will provide for our needs as He always has.

We would love for you to come build with us. Come help us change lives. Come help us share about the unconditional, unchanging love of Christ. Come experience God. You may need Mexico more than Mexico needs you.

Come be a part of the relentless pursuit of God’s call.

And so our adventure begins….