Good Morning Friends.

Seth and I spent last week in Acuna, Mexico with a team from Venture Church in Harrisburg, North Carolina. It was good to have some southern folks back in our lives. This was a group of about 40 men and their sons. I was the only female the whole week, which made for some interesting moments. Because the group was so large, Seth led a group and our friend Andrew, who also works for Casas, led another group. So, we were able to build two houses for two families in need.

This was my first time in Acuna. Seth has built there a couple other times and I haven’t been able to go with him until last week. I was very thankful that the team was nice enough for me to join their Father-Son Mission Trip, so that I could work alongside my husband during his birthday week. Speaking of that, Seth celebrated his 25th birthday there in Acuna. We finished the home for the family on his birthday, so ┬áthat was kind of special. By the end of the week, though, we were exhausted. Acuna is about 6 hours south of El Paso and Juarez, so even though we finished the houses, we still had a long travel day ahead of us. The week was great and the families we built for were so thankful for their new homes.

We have a break from building for a couple weeks and then Casas por Cristo has summer interns coming in on May 10. They will have a couple training builds that Seth will help out with and then he has a team that he will be building with at the end of May. On June 15, my home church from Georgia is coming to build! Seth’s parents are coming to visit in a couple weeks too, so we have another busy month. But! All is well with us. Thanks for praying for us!