Hey everyone!

vegas wedding

Kylee & Derek exchange wedding vows in front of family.

Seth and I have had a very busy holiday season. That’s why I haven’t gotten a chance to post any updates. Man, where do I even start? How about let’s start with our Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas. One of my good friends, Alicia, lives in Vegas with her family and they so kindly invited us to join them for Thanksgiving, since our own families are so far away in Georgia. They were so nice to us and definitely made us feel like a part of their family. It was probably one of the craziest, unforgettable Thanksgivings as well. On our way to Vegas, Alicia calls me and tells me that her cousin was going to get married while we were there. Just a small ceremony with their immediate family. I started freaking out because Seth and I did not bring anything nice to wear to a wedding and we were already almost to Vegas.

vegas chapel

The wedding chapel we went to in Vegas!

She assured me it was not a big deal and that it was just going to be a small quick thing. Little did we know that Seth would actually perform the ceremony for Alicia’s cousin and her new hubby. Remember that bible verse that says “be ready in season and out of season?” Yeah, well we definitely practiced that verse that evening. We ended up going out on the Vegas strip to a wedding chapel for them to get legally married and to the Vegas courthouse for them to get a license. It was crazy, but we had a lot of fun. I wish you guys could’ve seen us all walking around the strip. Especially me being pregnant, waddling around.

Scarlett's Face US

Our beautiful girl’s ultrasound at 36 weeks! (I think she looks like her daddy.)

For Christmas, Seth and I were able to travel to Georgia to see our families before our little Scarlett comes. We stayed in Georgia for two weeks. We drove. With me being 33 weeks pregnant, I was a little nervous to drive, and knew we would have to stop a million times for me to walk around so I wouldn’t swell, and of course, use the bathroom! The ride to Georgia was surprisingly not bad at all. We made good time and I felt fine. During our time home, we had two amazing baby showers and Miss Scarlett got a lot of great things. She is very loved. The ride back to El Paso, was much more difficult on me. I guess those two weeks of Scarlett growing made a difference. I was pretty much miserable. My back and hips ached so bad. Before we left, my mom gave me some support hose to reduce swelling, so that helped. But, when we got to the hotel, halfway to El Paso, I just broke down. I have such a great husband though, because Seth rubbed my feet and was so sweet to me.

dec build

The family Seth was privileged to build for to end the year 2014!

December 29-31, Seth built a home for a family with a team in Juarez. It was nice to have him home with me for the new year though. This weekend, he has actually been building again in Juarez. I’ve stayed home, trying to clean and get things organized before baby girl’s arrival. It’s coming along slowly though. It’s hard for me to keep up. I get tired easily and my back is at that point where it just constantly hurts. I’m 37 weeks today, which is considered FULL TERM y’all! So, Scarlett could come any day now. My doctor said that even though she isn’t 40 weeks, if we were to deliver, we could take her home, no problem.

So, we are just waiting for her now. Not too much longer. Seth is off work the next 3 days, so our plan is to set up her room. Is it bad that we haven’t gotten her crib or anything set up yet? HAHA. We have everything, it’s just all in the garage right now. We’ve been waiting to see if we can get some new carpet for her bedroom. Once things are set up, I will try my best to get some pictures of her nursery posted for you all to see.

wkend build

The foundation from this weekend’s build. It all starts here.

Thank you so much for praying for us as we continue doing ministry here on the border. We couldn’t do it without the prayers and support of God’s people. We are so excited to welcome our baby girl in a few weeks and to watch her grow up knowing that the luxuries we have here in the states are not typical around our world. We can’t wait to watch her love on the kids in Mexico and share with them the love that Christ has for them.