Top: What Seth got me. Bottom: What I got Seth.

The Christmas gifts Seth and I got each other.

Hey there! I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas. Seth and I weren’t able to be with our families in Georgia on Christmas Day, but it was great spending time together, just he and I. I wanted to give you a few quick updates before this new year begins. I can’t believe this 2013 year is almost a memory. Do you all have your New Years Resolutions? We really don’t have anything in particular other than we hope to learn Spanish quickly, close on our house, and continue sharing Jesus with the people of Mexico.


Lorena sporting her new scarf.

On Christmas eve we went to Juarez and passed out some scarves and hats that the ladies ministry of Winds of Peace Fellowship donated to us. The last family we visited, one who is very special to us, invited us to come back on Christmas Day to eat tamales with them. The people of Mexico usually only make and eat tamales on special occasions and holidays. Tamales are very expensive and usually take many hours to make. So, it was definitely an honor to get to spend our Christmas lunch with that family.

We laughed, danced, sang, and ate! It was a fun afternoon. We knew this family had been struggling for a few months with their daughter gone. She ran away from home and they haven’t heard from her. We didn’t want to ruin their holiday, but we wanted them to know that we are praying for them and we tried to encourage them to trust that their sweet daughter is in God’s hands. Although we tried to encourage them, our broken Spanish made it really hard for us to communicate with them really how we felt about the situation.

scarves 3

Ana and her daughter getting scarves and Christmas cards.

You could tell that their whole countenance changed when we asked about their daughter. Talk about a very emotional, awkward moment. And it just made it worse that we couldn’t really share with them, in their language, that everything was going to be alright. With that being said, pray for Siedah. Pray that she would come home and speak to her family. They miss her dearly. And pray that God would protect her while she’s away.

This family is so precious. They are so welcoming, loving, and they don’t make us feel silly that we can’t speak Spanish well. I am very thankful for them. I’m thankful that they have made Seth and I feel like part of their family in such a short time of knowing them. I’m thankful that our God knows no language barrier. I’m thankful for two cultures colliding yesterday on Christmas Day. What a great experience to enjoy Christmas Day in Mexico.


Fani smiling with her new scarf, hat, and Christmas card.

Seth and I haven’t been able to close on our house yet. It’s beginning to be a frustrating process, but it’s in God’s hands and He knows why it’s taking so long. If we don’t hear anything about closing soon, we will go ahead and head to Georgia. We are going to do late Christmases and bring in the New Year with our families. Then on January 4th or 5th we will be heading to Guatemala for language school. Prays are greatly appreciated! Thank you all for praying and supporting us in this ministry!